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Looking Forward A Post-Covid Era For Energy Consumers

Looking Forward A Post-Covid Era For Energy Consumers

Last year's COVID lockdown caused devastation for energy consumers.  Energy consumption for the commercial sector drastically decreased. Unfortunately, energy consumption in the residential sector abruptly spiked. More than a year later since the beginning of the COVID 19 Pandemic, our country is moving into the Post-Covid Era. Are you and your loved ones making plans as we shift into the Post Covid Era?

Will you be moving soon? Perhaps you’re a business owner with the intention of reopening an existing business. Are you planning on opening a new business? Whatever your circumstances may be, you’re likely searching for an energy supplier like Sunwave Gas + Power. In this article we’ll talk about factors that can affect energy consumers across the country. 

Factors That Can Impact The Country’s Future Energy Prices:

Post-Covid Energy Demand

As we look forward, we now have a Covid vaccine and there is a mandatory order for wearing masks in public places. Consumers have taken extra precautions to reduce the spread of Covid. Businesses are expected to continue reopening throughout 2021 with new measures in place. As a result of businesses reopening energy consumption should rise in the commercial sector. 

Plans For A Greener Future

President Joe Biden has high expectations for a greener future. His plans include renovations on millions of homes and buildings to make them energy efficient. Biden’s plans also include a transition to 100% clean electricity by 2050, using renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy. Unfortunately, Solar and wind power are not always a reliable source of energy. Additionally, the renewable energy that is being produced is duplicated energy on our grid, not replaced. The main concern for energy consumers is that many have already seen an increase in energy prices. 

Temperature Impact 

We should all be conscious about our energy consumption. We have to be just as realistic about problems that may arise in the energy sector. For example, Winter Storm Uri that left millions of Texas consumers without power. Consumers were without power in freezing temperatures due to a lack of energy supply on the grid. 

The drastic climate changes can have severe impacts on energy consumption and prices because more electricity is required to heat and cool homes and buildings with drastic temperature changes. The long-range weather forecast indicated that 2021 Winter temperatures surrounding the Atlantic would rise above normal winter temperatures. When summer rolls around, the temperatures are anticipated to rise higher than normal temperatures as well. 

Natural Disasters

We all try to prepare for storms, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Unfortunately, natural disasters are unpredictable and out of our control. Natural disasters can cause great devastation in the energy sector. For example, when hurricane season hits, oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to be disrupted. When oil drilling is disrupted, electricity prices are directly impacted. 

Another example is Winter storm Uri in Texas which caused energy prices to skyrocket, leaving a handful of residential consumers with energy bills over $10,000. When factoring energy consumption and prices for your home or business, these are things that you should keep in mind. By taking all of this into consideration, you can prepare accordingly. 

Sunwave Gas + Power is Here to Help

Sunwave Gas + Power is staying informed on the ongoing energy regulations, prices, risk factors, and consumption changes. Our goal is to provide consumers with up to date information that will assist with preventing unpredictable financial hardships for energy consumers. 

Further, because energy prices and regulations are unpredictable, Sunwave Gas + Power is taking the necessary steps to ensure that your home and business is continually supplied with energy. We are also committed to continue supplying energy that meets environmental and regulatory standards.

Pricing Risks for Energy Supply Can Depend on:

  • The terms and conditions of your agreement with your energy supplier.
  • Your residential or commercial history of energy consumption.
  • Energy peaks within your home or business.
  • The impact of energy supply and demand on your energy rate.
  • Any prospective changes in regulations and laws. 

Understanding energy risk factors is important when searching for an energy supplier such as Sunwave Gas + Power. As previously stated, Sunwave Gas + Power is committed to providing consumers with up to date information. We know that regulations and policies can be confusing. However, consumer education is important so that energy consumers are able to make conscious choices that can reduce the risks of unexpected hardships. 

Every consumer’s energy needs and preferences vary, and at Sunwave Gas + Power, we believe that our consumers reserve the right to choose how their energy is supplied. Whether it's for a home, small commercial facility or large industrial complex, we have a wide variety of options for all consumers. Contact Sunwave Gas + Power customer service team to speak with a member about our competitive rates and find out how you can Power Your Universe with us today. 1-855-4SUNWAVE (1-855-478-6928) |

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