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Energy-Efficiency Tips: Top Tips to Reduce your Swimming Pool's Energy Consumption

Energy-Efficiency Tips: Top Tips to Reduce your Swimming Pool's Energy Consumption

Summertime’s here and many of us are enjoying the outdoors with pool parties and backyard barbecues. I can’t argue that having a swimming pool in your backyard can definitely be a great investment. It allows us to create memories with our loved ones. However, swimming pools can become costly if they aren’t properly maintained; and if you aren’t careful, they can cause a major increase in energy consumption. In this article, we’re going to share our top tips that can help you save on your pool’s energy consumption, while giving your family a memorable staycation from the comfort of your backyard.

Your Swimming Pool’s Lighting

Whether you have lighting inside your swimming pool or surrounding your pool area, the top tip on our list is to update your lighting. Add some color to your swimming pool and the surrounding area and you will go from a boring backyard bathtub to relaxing at an island oasis. Switching out the current lighting and upgrading to outdoor solar lights or LED lighting is also going to help you save on energy consumption.

Installing solar-powered lights in and around your pool area can reduce your energy consumption dramatically, especially if you spend a lot of time around the pool in the evenings. Not to mention the monthly cost of solar-powered lighting will be $0 because the lighting will be powered by natural energy. 

An LED light bulb can help reduce your energy consumption because they consume 50% less energy than regular bulbs. 

LED lights come in a variety of colors that can transform the dull off-white pool lighting into a luxury resort feeling. By switching to colorful LED lights, you can create a memorable vacation-style experience for your family. That's a win-win!

Try a New Swimming Pool Cleaner

We are in 2021, and technology is certainly evolving. We recently discussed “Innovations that are Changing the World.” In that article, we discussed electric vehicles that can charge faster than your cell phone. A few articles before that one we talked about the wonderful world of smart homes. Now, it's time to talk about robotic swimming pool cleaners. 

Did you know that you can reduce the use of harsh chemicals in your pool and save on energy consumption by investing in a robotic pool cleaner? Robotic pool cleaners require less resources than the traditional equipment used for pool cleaning. Compared to other pool cleaners, robotic cleaners can reduce your pool’s cleaning costs by more than 80%. Additionally, robotic pool cleaners:

  • Are easy to use
  • Provide effective swimming pool cleaning
  • They are self-sustaining
  • Less energy consumption on pool cleaning
  • Cleans entire pool surface
  • Better water circulation

Flip the Switch, Turn the Pool Pump OFF! 

Your swimming pool’s pump doesn’t need to run 24/7. Reduce the amount of time you are running your swimming pool's pump by running it for no more than a total of six hours. Increase the running time in 30-minute increments until you reach the amount of time it takes to get clear water. It's usually around eight hours total. Not only will you save on energy consumption, but your pump should last longer as well. Another option is to switch to a variable speed pump that you can have automatically programmed to run at lower speeds during the day. A perk of investing in a variable speed pump is that it adjusts its run time depending on your pool’s needs. 

Also keep in mind that if you have a pool pump that’s larger than what your swimming pool needs, you are most likely wasting electricity. It may be time to invest in a pump that is the correct size for your pool. Whatever options you choose to help reduce your swimming pool’s energy consumption, it’s important to remember that regular, ongoing maintenance and cleaning are important factors that can contribute to an increase or reduction in energy consumption. 

Energy-Efficient Heating Options

Heating your swimming pool can become pretty costly if you aren’t careful. Below you’ll find a few cost-effective options to heat your swimming pool:

  • Use a swimming pool cover when you pool is not being use to help prevent evaporation and keep your pool warm
  • Use a solar blanket
  • Use a heat pump
  • Keep your pools temperature around 80 degrees 
  • Turn the heating pump off if you aren’t planning on using your pool for several days

Last Thoughts

Time and money are invaluable, especially when there is so much uncertainty. You can’t go wrong with reducing your energy consumption while enjoying family time and making unforgettable memories. 

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